Seven times a charm?

I've been called for potential liver transplant 7 times. While others manage to do it in 1 time, I don't know why mine's taking 7 times. It's tiring.

Out of 7 times, I was coughing once. Thus I was not a viable candidate. Another 2 times, I only waited for the call before they cancelled it. 3 times I managed to do the pre-op blood tests including the arterial blood taking (painful like f*ck), 1 time they managed to push me up till the Operating Theatre (OT) cum ICU (last Thursday) and yesterday they made me take the colon cleanse again. I kid you not, water was dripping out of my ass. They called us at 5.00PM on the 15th and I was told that the liver cannot be used at 8.00AM on the 16th.

Such are the ups and downs of an organ recipient. I wanted to post statuses asking for your help in having me in your prayers but I was afraid of all the false alarms I couldn't get myself to post up anything until I'm in the OT undergoing the knife. I'll leave that to my partner in crime.

Hopefully, there's no more false alarms this year. What a suspenseful way to start the horse year.

 Headed out as soon as I got the call.

 en-route to Hospital Selayang

 Going up the elevator to Level 3 and then to Level 5 HDW.

 Footsteps so familiar. Corridors I've walked through.

Got my name-tag, am going to put it on soon. 

High Dependency Ward. I'll be spending a lot of time here after I get out of ICU. Limited to 2 person per visit.

 My bed, my view.

 Partners in crime. Sorry to bring so much trouble to them.

On drips and medication. I'm so tired of preparations after preparations.

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February 16, 2014


Shallinee Raman said…
To one helluva great guy - Jim,.
You will get well soon. Prayers are far stronger than you can EVER imagine. And, there is a zillion for you. Looking forward to date you all over again, just like old times. Miss ya. Get well real soon you crazy guy !!


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