Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Blog Updates

I wonder who still reads my blog? I will update it at LEAST once a year. :) Maybe monthly or twice a month. Who's reading this?

p/s: Should I change my header? It has been with me for EONS. Kinda nostalgic actually. :)

p/s/s: I've noticed some broken images from my previous posts. Sorry about that, some of the blogger servers just don't keep up and other image servers also keep fucking up.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

.Bangkok for the 30th.

30th happened to me in Bangkok.

Yes, I am now in the league of 3. Early 30's as they say. Boy, time did sure pass as swiftly as the hurricane wind. If you forgot to enjoy it, it'll pass you by in mere glimpses. I was never more glad to be in Bangkok. Celebrating my 30th with shopping sprees and ladyboys and gentleman clubs.

Most important of all, I paid my dues to the Erawan Shrine. After my operation, I promised to visit it yearly or bi-yearly. *keeping fingers crossed*

arrival at BKK DMK Airport.

We had a blast there shopping at Chatuchak, Bhatunam, Patpong, Silom road side. We went to Siam Central, Baiyoke Sky, MahBoonKrong (MBK) and the vicinity including Bangkok Arts and Cultural Centre. The whole trip was mind-blowing really except for minor details where taxi drivers and tuktuk's try to rip us off at every corner and gentleman's club (Sherbet, Ekamai Rd) being more expensive than it should be.

I bought t-shirts (some smaller than it should be), low hung pants, flip flops, trinklets and ate tons!

the yummylicious food amidst the sex trade area.

someone's stealing my mojo with the chickadees.

ukuleles always remind me of Chels and Robynn.

working hard that day with mah awesome pants and flip flops.

me ladyboy performance time @ Calypso.

me with my chicks and one Tom Cruise who is cockblocking me.