Friday, April 12, 2013

.life in the slow lane.

It's been a couple of months since my last post. A lot of things have changed. I've been discharged but not before days of ordeal in the ward and high dependency unit. During my blackout, I've learned that I kicked the nurse, peed in my pants, almost slapped my mom and slept the whole time... refusing to move an inch.

I woke up to the doctor I've been visiting for years. He's in Island Hospital. I asked him just one question 'Why am I here?'. Truthfully I couldn't remember. I saw mom after a few minutes. I knew she was with me the whole time and I felt remorse for being the one taken care of instead of the one taking care. I said 'sorry, mom'. She started crying.

I'm now residing in Selayang in an apartment very near to the hospital I'm about to have my transplant. A lot of things have changed like I mentioned. I've been busy moving and making a home. I sit here with minimal resources and a less than adequate home. I would like to think I've been blessed though. I still made it. I'm feeling better now. Although there are more things for me to worry about but I'm starting to take notice about the changes to my body and the effects of medication. I'm what you can say 'more aware' of my surroundings and myself. Mom still worries about me from Penang and calls/texts me everyday.

Life has never been easy for me but I make do with whatever I have. I try not to compare because comparing will only make you miserable. I'm blessed with what I have, a family I truly love, more things than I need and a girl I miss dearly everyday.

I can't travel as much as the yesteryears but I'm starting to take jobs again. Photography has been another blessing. I feel that if I don't have it, I'll lose a part of myself. I need to be good at it again though cause lately, all my images are starting to look like crap. Is this a phase everyone of us in the creative industry has to go through or is it just me?

Elections are coming this May 5th and I'll be heading back to Penang this 18th till 20th April for a most spectacular wedding. I've also slotted in a portrait shoot on the 29th tentatively with the wonderful songstress Janet Lee (who's such an avid atheist).

Right now? Things could be better but I shouldn't complain. Life is still beautiful and working with my current company is such a tremendous blessing.

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