Thursday, November 15, 2012

.my new fixie - Grafa Transit.

As some of you might know, I've recently ventured into fixies. It's more of a fashion statement rather than the love for cycling. I've always wanted to go and hang out near the beach but driving and paying the toll to enjoy the view at the BORR seems a bit absurd. Thus' I've taken the leap and got myself a fixie.

Learning a fixie is not an easy feat. It takes a pretty hard toll on your body (knees, palm, butt, neck). I could've gone with other hybrids (road + mtb) but I just love the simplicity of a fixie. Been looking for a Leader 721/Kagero but got to know that a fellow friend of mine has the Grafa Transit. The Grafa Transit seems more like a hidden gem as it is really limited in quantity and not much of these framesets are in the market. Some people like the chrome, others just hate it. I personally LOVE the shit out of it. Maybe when I get bored of it, I might repaint it but for now... I can't stop looking at this beauty.

Grafa Transit frameset. Velocity Deep V wheelset. Vuelta crank. Wellgo pedals. Element Saddle by Velo. Nitto stem and dropbar.

Planning to get : Front brake just in case because Malaysian drivers are shit. Freewheel cog will only go in once I'm used to the fixed gear hub.

Friday, November 9, 2012

.this should be another journey.

Grafa Transit Pro 2010 frame. Getting it tomorrow. Going to ride the shit out of it.

brakeless. fixed gear. hipster wannabe. this should be the beginning of a new journey.

Other bike porn. 

Friday, November 2, 2012

.Sultan KL t-shirt review.

I've always been a fan of a good t-shirt and a snug pair of jeans with awesome sneakers. I don't think I'm trying to be a hipster but that has always been my style. (with a jacket usually). It's hard to get good quality jeans but I've always managed my lot from Levi's. I think for their price and quality, they're really awesome. I've tried EVISU and the likes of other brands but they're more of a trend cum brand statement than a good pair of jeans.

T-shirts on the other hand has been my love-hate affair. Some t-shirts are slim and long. Some are short and wide. It's hard to find the perfect fit. I noticed the Levi's plain t-shirt to be my perfect fit but they're too simple and I can't be wearing them all the time. I've tried some Quikkies and I admit they're a bit too tight and long for my taste. I don't know, maybe the industry should set like a standard definition for all these types so I can know which t-shirt not to TRY on. Padinis fit a bit weird. They're either trying to be too hipster (SEED, PADINI) or too casual (PDI). Both of them are either too snug or too loose. Let's not go into ZaraMAN (sometimes you get it sometimes you get those... 'Topman like' too tight t-shirts) but FCUK seems snug. Their t-shirt design is sometimes off though.

About half a year ago, I came across a really cool clothing company fit for Sultans. Not literally but their line is called Sultan KL. It's basically a simple concept but if executed well, should be rather interesting. Their products are not what I would call a variety but there's potential in them.

First of all, the pocket designs. They keep coming up with interesting pocket designs but that's where it ends. It's a simple concept like I said but it suits me well. I can't be purchasing hundreds of ringgits of merchandise from them but when I find the right design, I simply look at it in awe.

Second, the fit. I think the amazing thing about the size and quality of their products are seemingly how similar in quality and fit it is to the Levi's plain t-shirts. Believe me, I have 4 of them in my cupboard now and I've been wearing them for years. They actually feel the same when I touch the material. Here, I wonder whether they got it from the same supplier or ...?

I bought this particular pocket design

Third, the badge at the bottom right. When I first purchased it from them, I didn't know they had a big ass badge on the bottom right. Some people might like it but I desperately hate it. It seems like they're trying to plaster their brand on the front and gain brand recognition. I would've preferred it on the inside of the t-shirt. The small statement / brand placement under the pocket is cute and suits the whole subtle design of their product.

Lastly, for RM70 a pop, it's not really a bargain and might be a bit stiff. Seeing as they're selling it online (at least that's how I got mine), I feel as if there's not much overhead here working against them. The price could be cheaper I admit but it's more of a novelty than a necessity. I haven't had any friend's ask me where I purchased mine but I liked it. I liked wearing it, I liked supporting a Malaysian entrepreneur and I like the concept. I just hope that the price could be cheaper (cause I want to buy more but the price is holding me back now), I also hope that they could expand their line further with sneakers, bags, wallets, jeans...etc.

What are your thoughts?


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