.yes, I am fine and I love you all.

I'm getting better. Thanks for all the support. I wrote this on FB:

A big thank you from the bottom of my heart to all my friends who visited me in the hospital and at home while I was down with something. I'm recovering (again) and I'm more prepared for the things that will come. I'm sorry I couldn't be more fun. I'm sorry I didn't have time. My mind was really in a mess. A big hug to all my relatives who came down to the hospital and our home as well, my mother needed the comfort and support. You presence really meant a lot to us. Also, much love and thanks for all the messages of support I received on the phone. I love you all. Some more than others and others more than I should.

And I think it's getting more attention than it should. It was a thank you note. Not a notice. 

the truth is, I just want to be left alone most of the time. I don't want to be forced to reciprocate. Yes, you can text me, msg me or even radio me but if possible, please avoid calling me. Especially if you're planning to call around evening or night. It forces my body to react and fuck me silly if you think getting out of my routine, running to the phone and saying, 'Thanks for calling, I'm fine." is a great feeling. 

Do what normal people do, call me if you got something important, like if your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife cheated on you and you need a consoling hand on your boobies. Or call me if you've got freebies. Make plans for lunch tomorrow. Buy me food. Call me to tell about the impending tsunami or the red moon. Just don't call me to ask about my silly condition. If I'm not OK, I wouldn't post on FB that I'm recovering. I would probably write there...

Dear friends, I'm dying. I will update if there's WiFi there. In the meantime, I would advice against holding your breath for it. Please take care of my family. And Igor, don't forget my RM500. You have 3 days to bank in. I will shoot you since I've got nothing to lose anyway.

Kthnxbai. BTW, I love each and everyone of my friend. They're such darlings. My only regret is that I couldn't be a better friend to those I should.
September 13, 2012


pelf said…
Hey Jimmy, you know I would call you just to say Hi. But if you don't want to run your silly ass to pick up the phone, I will or make you do it :)

But I'm terribly glad that you're recovering from whatever you had.

I wished I could give you a real hug, instead of an e-hug.
Jimmy Ang said…
e-hug works as well as a real hug Pelfie. It really does. :)


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