.Bali Travel Part 3.

Woke up early in the morning ard 7 plus. I guess I'm quite an early morning person outside of M'sia.
Our usual appointment with Sastra had a slight surprise with a minor change of plan. He had a metting later so he arranged his brother in law, Ketut to chauffeur us. We paid the usual fees and was on our way to Ubud with Ketut.

In ubud, we had the famous 'must have' Babi Guling at Ibu Oka. The price is quite cheap for something that is recommended by locals and worldwide. Again I highly recommend you guys to try out this meal if you're coming to Bali.

After our sumptuous lunch, we stayed and looked around fro some 'ole-ole' or souvenirs in Ubud Market. The price takes a little bit of bargaining than usually you need to slash it by 50% of anything they're offering. I bought some paintings for 200,000IDR. After Ubud, we headed to Kintamani for our usual buffet lunch. It was a restaurant with a sight to behold. The cool after rain atmosphere helped. On the way down to Tanah Lot to visit the Tanah Lot Temple, we stopped by to visit the coffee garden & paddy terraces. First time I heard about Kopi Luwak. On hindsight, I should've bought some so... maybe next time.

At Tanah Lot, we bought more souvenirs from Ketut's wife and she gave us the best price. We didn't even have to bargain. Tanah Lot is truly a magnificient place. With seaview overlooking the horizon I was mesmerized by the sunset when the golden rays emit such a calming demeanor over the place.

After taking pictures at Tanah Lot, we had seafood at the overpriced Melasti Seafood Restaurant. But I guess the price is worth the atmosphere.

Back at the hotel, I changed and headed out for a night of partying. We were staying around Legian so we went to 66 but it was empty even around 12. So was Syndicate. After asking the bartender at Syndicate where the party's happening, we took a taxi to Legian Street and went into some of the more overcrowded clubs there. At 1.30AM, we were dead tired and back in our room.
July 8, 2011


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