Friday, December 23, 2011

.pengalaman kolej.

Laluan ini gua sudah jalan seribu kali. Tapi hari ini jalan ini berbeza. Sedang gua berjalan dari parking gua ke lobi ofis gua, 'macam seorang bos', tetiba ada seorang lelaki tua kerepot menghampiri gua.

Gua takut.

Dia senyum.

Gua lagi takut.

Dia buka mulut. Gua rasa macam nak tampar muka dia tapi gua bagi peluang kepada pakcik ni dulu.

Dia tanya 'adik ni pelajar sini ka?'

Gua kata tak, "Gua pekerja sini".

Kita terus berborak kosong sampai ke lif lobi.

Di sana, gua nampak dia ambil keluar handycam dia untuk rekodkan segala perjalanan, pergerakan dan pertuturan anak dia yang mungkin sudah umur 20'an tapi mungkin di pandangan dia... hanya budak kecil.

Gua tak kisah tentang ini. Gua kisah hanya satu sahaja...


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

.Chrissie Pressies.

Shopping. Christmas shopping is the suckiest thing about Christmas. You don't exactly go out and buy the most expensive stuffs but you buy some of those tolerable stuffs cause there's sooo many things to get for so many people you can't afford to get everyone what they wanted.

I was never a fan of getting mediocre stuffs that crowd the place. Basically, I call them tinkles. Things you display for fun and use a couple of times. Christmas has taught me the joy of giving. I put so much thought into the smallest things it actually surprised me.

Now if there's only an automatic packaging machine, life would be so much easier for Christmas.

Anyway, got them checkered shirts in excess. I don't know why but I've always preferred a white shirt. A single plain white shirt over my jeans and sneakers anytime of the day but its soooo hard to get them in the right cutting and at the right price. I don't feel happy paying a couple of hundreds for an overpriced white shirt. In fact, I think I'd feel pretty pissed off. So, I managed with three of these checkred shirts. Red, Blue and taaadaaaa.... PINK!

What? Real MEN are not afraid of pink. True story.

p/s: On a sidenote, a fucking manbag is sooo fucking useful I think it's a sin not bringing them out. But it's beginning to irk me that I look like a softie.

p/s/s: My Christmas present came in the mail early. I ordered an iPad Dodocase a couple of weeks back and they're here! They look freaking OHSEM k? Like a dolled up futuristic, electronic Moleskine!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I walk down paths I used to take and things never seem the same. The truth is, they're always the same. We're the ones who changed.

Its amazing how a simple road can mean so many different things in so many different ways to one person at different intersections of their life.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

.Bali Travel Last Part.

Wanted to finish this Bali post so here's the last day I was in Bali.

Woke up late and took a long bath before heading down to meet Sastra. He wasn't there the first trip. Took me a few trips before he arrived 15 minutes earlier than the appointed time.

We headed out to get some food first and we had satay at one of the stalls said to be selling turtle/tortoise meat. Truthfully, I didn't think so. It was all just a scam to get people interested especially those into exotic animals. I would be appalled if it indeed was tortoise/turtle.

Somehow, listening or thinking about them tortoises remind me about Pelfie. U there Pelf?

After food, we head over to Nusa Dua and played some watersports. I just watched actually, not really fond of sports we could easily find in Penang.

Then, we're down to grab some souvenirs at a place called Krishna which sells locally made products at a reasonable price. I said reasonable because they're not really cheap but I guess not really THAT expensive also. The good thing is, no bargaining needed so every price's stagnant.

Our last stop was at Uluwate Temple for the Kecak Dance & monkey visits. Truth be told, the lot of us were more afraid of these monkeys than they were of us.

Tomorrow, I head back KL! Here are some of the pics I took there.

Posing at GWK

Kecak Dance @ Uluwatu

chillin @ Kuta

Balinese Spa.

Universal Studios

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Maybe I should write back.

I definitely should. There has been some life changing moments and I remembered why I wrote this blog in the first place... A DIARY OF MY LIFE. A little foot stamp in this world.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Life in the 28th lane.

I'm 28 and I'm going to write this like randomly from whatever my mind could think of. Its crazy how fast things are going. Watching my friends get married, have children, get hitched. All these while I've always believed that I should enjoy my youth while it lasted. Give everything a go. Why contort our freedom to the perils of a relationship or relationships.

But as I move on, I find that they have their own merits. They are happy being controlled, contorted into that familiar space we fondly call home. They go back to someone and soon, a family. I go back to my gadgets planning my next trip. My next project. They smile as they watch their kids grow, as they impart their 'whatever distorted' beliefs to younger generations. I teach my mom how to operate the new android system she just purchased for herself. I sit down beside her sometimes to listen to her whine and sometimes to offer advice. But most of the time, she's the one nagging me.

I guess 28 till 30th is the few years we change our lives. From the familiar to the unfamiliar. From being a wayward adventurer clouded by work and projects or a stable happy life with your loved ones. I want both but for now untill I find the perfect person who's ready to explore the world with me... I'm all about the adventure.

BTW, as I find FB & twitter a little constricting... be writing here more often about life and ideas. :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

.Bali Travel Part 3.

Woke up early in the morning ard 7 plus. I guess I'm quite an early morning person outside of M'sia.
Our usual appointment with Sastra had a slight surprise with a minor change of plan. He had a metting later so he arranged his brother in law, Ketut to chauffeur us. We paid the usual fees and was on our way to Ubud with Ketut.

In ubud, we had the famous 'must have' Babi Guling at Ibu Oka. The price is quite cheap for something that is recommended by locals and worldwide. Again I highly recommend you guys to try out this meal if you're coming to Bali.

After our sumptuous lunch, we stayed and looked around fro some 'ole-ole' or souvenirs in Ubud Market. The price takes a little bit of bargaining than usually you need to slash it by 50% of anything they're offering. I bought some paintings for 200,000IDR. After Ubud, we headed to Kintamani for our usual buffet lunch. It was a restaurant with a sight to behold. The cool after rain atmosphere helped. On the way down to Tanah Lot to visit the Tanah Lot Temple, we stopped by to visit the coffee garden & paddy terraces. First time I heard about Kopi Luwak. On hindsight, I should've bought some so... maybe next time.

At Tanah Lot, we bought more souvenirs from Ketut's wife and she gave us the best price. We didn't even have to bargain. Tanah Lot is truly a magnificient place. With seaview overlooking the horizon I was mesmerized by the sunset when the golden rays emit such a calming demeanor over the place.

After taking pictures at Tanah Lot, we had seafood at the overpriced Melasti Seafood Restaurant. But I guess the price is worth the atmosphere.

Back at the hotel, I changed and headed out for a night of partying. We were staying around Legian so we went to 66 but it was empty even around 12. So was Syndicate. After asking the bartender at Syndicate where the party's happening, we took a taxi to Legian Street and went into some of the more overcrowded clubs there. At 1.30AM, we were dead tired and back in our room.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


staff ofis aku jumpa blog aku. tahap gaban, nampaknya I kena jaga perlakuan, tuturcara dan tingkahlaku sini. kalo tidak naya.

hari ini dalam berita, ofis macam sauna. semua orang berpeluh sampai badan bau hangit. xpe, gua udah tempah aircond 2.5HP untuk bilik setakat sekangkang kera ini. Lepas ini, ofis ada salji.

Merry Kritmus.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

BALI Travel Part 2.

Woke up & waited for Sastra. I don't know why but they had barred my DIGI. I don't think they implemented my MYR36 / day plan although prev calls explicitly told me it will. Way to go DIGI! I swear I'm going back to Maxis.

getting ready

Anyway, sastra's msg couldn't get through to me by now so I waited till 9.30AM although our appointment was 8.15AM. Apparently he sent a msg saying he could only reach around 9.55. I didn't get that message and after having lunch outside Tune Hotels in a stall called 'warung Murah', we rented a bike.

Warung Murah is a long 66, Legian. Serves economical meals ala Nasi Kandar. Not much varieties but the yellow rice's awesome. But it's not exactly 'murah'.

We went along Legian Beach and rented a seat w/ umbrella. A few topless chicks and I chose the best spot to view it all in. Hanged out there for a while before heading to HRC, Kuta for some shopping & sightseeing.

Sate Madura / Gule was YUUMYLICIOUS!

the roadside stall

hidden gems of Kuta

HRC, Bali was a disappointment. Not much trinklets. The mug they're selling was identical to my Phuket's mug except for the word 'Bali'. Again, we camwhored.

topless chicks along the beach

the only temple we saw in Bali.

camwhoring ROCK style at HRC.

Hard Rock Hotel & Cafe.

Kuta beach is a stretch of a walled beaches. I once asked a taxi driver what the wall was for. He said it was to prevent the sand from entering/disturbing the residential & commercial area.

Anyway, here there's a lot more people and a stretch of aunties trying to sell you massages, fruits or even manicures & pedicures. There's also a lot of self proclaimed surf tutors. They seem to approach the female gender better. Sexist bastards. :)

On the way back from the beach after a long stroll, we sat by a restaurant with a large swimming pool & had a sip. A very much deserved break cause any longer & I would've thought my legs would fall apart.

Bintang, favourite Balinese Beer.

After ten, 20 mins down the road, we were approached by two girls selling wrist bands. I wanted to take a picture of the girl so I bought one and asked her to smile for me. But before I could even remove my lens cover, another girl & boy is already surrounding us.

I brought a wristband each from every one and asked them to smile & pose which they delightfully obliged.

My bike was parked at the end of the road and before I reached my bike, I realized I lost my bike keys. I was in deep shit if someone stole my bike so I hurried my pace & was relieved to see the beloved bike. My friend was walking slower as she retraced our steps & asked everyone in every place we visited. She's such a great gal and it was because of her we found our keys. At the last minute, she decided to ask the parking attendant who was patrolling the place. And he asked for tips while holding out a set of keys belonging to our bike. Now, back in the hotel, after freshening up, we're waiting for Sastra to take us out for dinner.

Sastra came rescuing us in an Avanza. I guess he'll be taking us out with that ride. We took the ride out to Kuta andhad Ayam Betutu. A beast of a meal with extraordinary spicy gravy. I literally cried.

After having our meal, we talked about tomorrow and decided to head out to Ubud. It'll be another story to tell.

Anyway, cut a long story short. Sastra left us & we took our own ride down 66. Legian Club. At least that was the intentional plan. Somehow we skidded off the course and I stumbled upon Vi Ai Pi club along Kuta. It had a lovely liveband so we sat there to dwell the rest of the night away.

Day 3 will be out soon...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

BALI Travel Part 1.

I set off from Ed's place around Sepang Goldcoast. The bugger's changing jobs again. I think he's destined to be a traveller, look at his immigration history. Lived all around Malaysia.

Took off at 6.30PM exactly. No delays on AirAsia's part. Wonderful. Took them three hours to reach Denpasar. One of the things I don't really like about this place is the typical tourist traps. They TRY to overcharge everything from the moment you step out of the airport.

We took a cab with someone we met on the plane so after splitting the fares, we only forked out 30,000IDR.

As soon as we checked in, freshened up & headed out for some Balinese food. Ended up in one of the better places along Kuta. Meal for two costs around 50K IDR. Worth it in my opinion. We could've gone cheaper but the first meal's usually OHSEM. The lead impression.
The waitresses & waiters were very friendly. Smiling, laughing, we cracked jokes with them & they'd ask us stuffs like where we're from and all that. As soon as we spoke some Malay, they know we're either from M'sia or S'pore.
I told them I'm from HK but staying in M'sia for the past 5 years. I don't think they'd eat that up.

Anyway, we had a long walk before heading back with a cab. The driver again pulled a high price, we had to bargain it down. The driver introduced me to two vices in Bali, Mushrooms in Kuta Square & Kupu2 Malam in Sanur. I had a big grin on my face.

Day 2 will be out soon...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

.sick of it all.

At one point or another, you just get bored of being sick. I'm fine now, but it's just a matter of time before shit happens again.

Monday, March 7, 2011

First Maternity Shoot.

A lot has happened since I last shot Athena for a personal project. I've received lots of enquiries and my dates for 2011 are almost booked except a couple of months which I'm not ready to commit yet.

I don't know whether you guys know this but I've shot my first maternity shot with Dhatsnee & Petrus. They're great people to work with and this is one of the most loving couple I've met.

One of the shots produced in my Project 52.

Also, Chinese New Year was a blast. I had an open house and decided to do my first, numero uno photobooth shoot. We had tons of fun and I was dead tired by the end of the day. I literally blew a fuse. LITERALLY. The whole house had to endure total blackout. Looking back, I guess I was taught a great lesson on single phase load capacity. ;)

I'll share the pictures from our photobooth in the next post k? GTG bye.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Maybe the essence of life lies not in the success we achieve but in the love we receive.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

.random lessons.

When we look down, we know how big we are. When we look up, we realize how small we are. When we look in front, we see the obstacles and l...