I know it's late. I'm still in the office. But at the moment I guess I'm not really working as I'm typing this. The line is down. My e-mails are stuck. It will take a while or maybe it will take them all day to rectify this. I know I should worry but there's nothing I can do.

I sat down in front of the PC thinking about the things I've done and things I'll be doing. It has been such a long time since I've blog kan? And my blog timings are becoming less frequent. Most probably because these couple of months/weeks has been busy with books. I've got a book from Joe McNally, another from Scott Kelby and I'm still waiting for the last one from Dane Sanders of Fast Track Photographer.

Yeah, not forgetting a DVD from Sessions with Joey Lawrence.

I'm also in the plans for more personal trips and getting some conceptual shots in the planning. I'm trying to leave the place and travel for the time being and just shoot to get myself out of my comfort zone. Look at light differently, look at available light differently and most importantly understand people. I've been looking way too much at other photographer's work and understanding the way they shoot, how they shoot and the way they sell it. It's time for me now to gather, compile all those data, all that knowledge and mash them together into one big ball of 'understanding'.

Ok, enough about photography or my work.

My plans for April will be a trip down to West Sumatra where I hopefully will be able to visit some beautiful places. Planning to see some rocky roads, renting it out and living in cramped up spaces. Not the most ideal vacation but I needed the change. One that will challenge me to appreciate the comfort that I have in Malaysia.

Then I'm headed down to KL for a doctor's visit on the 8th and maybe the 9th. After that a well needed rest in Damai Laut sponsored by the people in Swiss Garden for photographing their staff profile. That'll occupy my time from 10 till 11th.

Hopefully, there'll be another photoshoot slot in between that time and my Redang vacation on the 30th till 2nd @ Terengganu. Beach shots, snorkeling, trekking, meeting with new peeps, getting out and about. It'll all be over before you can say Aprilfool.

I'm in need of traveling funds. E-mail jimmyang@gmail.com for donation instructions. Please?
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March 30, 2010


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