10 years ago...

Its amazing, I remember when I was 19. I had so much hope, so little care. The only thing that I cared much about was books, grades and a girl to call my own. I was just 19 and I'm so optimistic. I didn't know about HTML, CSS or PHP. I don't even know what Photoshop is. I just had a PC installed with MS Words, Excel and some King Of Fighter games. At that time, it was all I ever needed. It was all I ever wanted. I had a mobile phone. A Nokia 3210 and I thought the Nokia 8250 'Butterfly' was the coolest phone on the market. I think I still does.

When I was 20, I studied harder. I got better grades but life was pretty much the same. Sitting in a bunk looking at the computer, regurgitating whatever I've learnt in the classroom into notes and notes of irrelevance. Thank god there was dramas, activities, assignments. It made life a little less boring. But all I cared about was still the same things, same worries, same people.

It took a fair share of shook to where I am now, to where my priorities have changed. It took a whole new shift from studies to working. Now I'm worried about my loans, mortgages, parents, partner and most importantly health. You know what changed my priorities? That whole shift from studying to working. I just realized that for our priorities to change, we need to accept change. From Boy to Man. From Man to Husband. From Husband to Father.

Hopefully, that change will happen soon, to ME.
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March 13, 2010


Anonymous said…
r u sure about the transition plan u just listed... boy2man, man2husband and husband2father? some of our friends seems to skip that 2nd part. lol.

but jokes aside, i totally agree with u about the priorities now and then. nowadays, it is mostly about commitments and about things/people we used to take for granted.
Jimmy Ang said…
eh, those transition plans are rough estimates or what should've beens. yang skip tu... hahahaha. ACCIDENT dear.

BTW, how was MATTA fair? Damn crowded I think.
Anonymous said…
yes sir..damn crowded...

i didnt go with seng... but went with my bro... the hotel deals are not what you would really call good 'deals'... they appear to be cheap...but after u take into account the things that were taken off e.g. free buffet breakfast at hotels... the deals are comes to about the same price if we were to book online...

if u wanna have the brochures... let me knw..
aifaa said…
this is a beautiful read, jim.

deep down,i know u'll do just fine. :)


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