The whole week is a B&W blur.

it has been a crazy week. One which one day I'll look back to and not remember a thing. Seriously. Everything was a black and white blur. The partying, the gambling session, the late night outings and of course the drinking.

let me see, for every night ever since CNY or CNY's eve, I've been sleeping at odd hours. funny, time doesn't pass that fast if you're sleeping at 6AM most of the time and waking up just in time to take a bath and take the next part of the tour. the visits have been slow, but the partying these weeks were non stop. Starting with Daniel's drinking session on 11th Feb up till Doreena's birthday party yesterday, it was all a great big night. Sometimes you just lose track of the days.

tomorrow I'll be heading down to KL for my health check-up. Abbas will be riding with me. Again, it's gonna be epic.

Anyway, completed a shoot for Sharon & Ezanee yesterday. Was supposed to have another one today but time got the better of us. Guess we'll just have to arrange another day. Here's a preview of things to come @

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February 21, 2010


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