.the goodness in mankind.

Ever since I got into Twitter. I've experienced many incredible things. From many incredible people. Some are just stuffs they make up, some are pure nonsense but once in a while you get that link which magically brings you to awesome stuffs that people do. These things which take so much determination and so much effort, you can't help but wonder how people get up and decide to go through with it?

Isn't this world amazing? I mean we always say god make beautiful things. I say screw that. Beautiful things are made by the people who look at it. Beautiful things are made by people everyday who chose them to be beautiful. To look at things differently is not a gift, it is an ability. One which we must consciously choose and decide.

If I look at rain today and decide it to be the most beautiful thing in the world, I would embrace it. I would look upon those kids that play under those raindrops with jealousy and yearn to be them. To embrace such beauty without a care for other's perception, for other's judgemental opinions. Rain... isn't it funny how we say its such a nuisance and it's a hinder to our day? When if looked at the right way, it can be the most beautiful thing on earth?

I think discreetly, humans are capable of so much miracles, so much love, so much goodness... that when looked back, it scares me. Because we choose to betray them and yearn for power, evil, jealousy and hatred.

I think religion is a bad thing. Because race does not divide us, religion does. Race merely makes us special. It gives us an identity. Religion makes us different.

Then again, I might be wrong. I'm just a simple guy trying to love.
November 10, 2009


ndru said…
Religion is not a bad thing, it does not divide. No religion teaches one to discriminate or divide. If a religion teaches to divide, then it is not a religion, as simple as that.If you hv no religion, will you divide yourself from others ?

It is human who choose to divide.Human is evil.


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