Monday, July 6, 2009

.Youth Football Challenge.

I was commissioned for this event. After waking up at 10.30 feeling drowsy, I had to resort to COFFEE. Lots of them.

Anyway, the match was between Harimau Muda and another team. I was commissioned by the coach of Harimau Muda to shoot this event as this was their first match ever since they were formed. I found that I sometimes do love getting a view of these people in action i/o the usual portraits and stills. The kids were awesome footballers. Although they lost by 4-1, they were still cool about it. The coach however... was furious. :)

Note: Events are different from portraits. They position the photographer instead of the other way around. Working with light is also a problem. Actions and composition trumps light and quality. I would love to one day work with commercial photography creating action portraits. Any givers?

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