Thursday, July 2, 2009

.pick up line in cyberspace.

Something I encountered...

Boy 3 has entered the chat..

Girl 1: Welcome.
Boy 3: Hi Girl 1, ASL?
Girl 1 has left the chatroom.
Boy1: Real smooth mate. Seriously... ASL?
Boy 3 has left the chatroom.


Day Eighty Five - I <3 Penang

A continuation from I <3 KL done for #82.

Another shot taken at night using long exposure with no strobe. Hard to find this place. I scoured high and low for a place to shoot the bridge and finally found it when i was searching for my client's location.

Sorry, no HBW.

This concludes Day 85 and tomorrow is my birthday. Thus I'm going to sleep early and continue work like usual. LOL.

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Anonymous said...

this is soo beautiful. i remember i talked to you that night :)