.back but not really.

it's over.

all those days of pining under the blanket, of cowering under the pain feeling cold, those lifeless hunger but yet not feeling like eating an ounce of bread. all those are over.

i woke up yesterday feeling better. it has been a roller-coaster ride. i was engulfed with love from FB and phonecalls (albeit I don't really pick up calls during sickness... I'm more of an emo person when it comes to being sick. I keep things and occurences to myself.)

anyway, not being able to go online and not having the mood to go online has its pros. i was just so sick and tired of being online that FB looked bleak. even Flickr, my source of inspirations. the all familiar pitter patter of alphabets and letters suddenly seem distant and i no longer have the energy to press on these alphabets which used to express everything I feel. As some of you might know, I even feel lethargic holding up my camera. it suddenly felt so alien to me. This capturing device which I've been using without fail every day.

work, don't get me started on work. the piles of emails on my pc is finally getting on my nerves. i feel so crowded, suffocating.

i just need some time off. get better, enjoy life. take a stroll more often and go back shopping. I'm out of good t-shirts.
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July 31, 2009


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