Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day Eighty Four - Man's Best ...

#84 - Man's best... - original image

Best Friend vs Best Creation.

This shot is kind of a surprise. I came back with no ideas but found this darling little crystal toy poodle in a package for me. Its my first birthday present. Its so cute and perfect.

Thanks SiewChing for the wonderful surprise.

Strobist geeks: 1 Strobe top of subject handheld. Tweaked in Lightroom. Not OOC.


aifaa said...

happy birthday jim.

*coughs*..this is kinda awkward and i can't believe i'm gonna type this but,

yeah.i miss u alot. :'(

so there.

zeemi said...

and it shall forever be entombed in Blogger. Love u too.

BTW, when am I gonna meet the guy you're marrying?

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