.a voice to kill for.

i've found another gem in the local industry. she's new but she has great potential. she doesn't look much like it but i'm amazed at her vocals. when i listened to her, its almost as if i'm listening to a mixture of Liyana Fizi of Estrella and Avril Lavigne with a hint of Kate Voegele.

She has a great voice that rivals international singers, she's one in a million. I never paid much attention to her name before and she doesn't look exceptionally stunning but her voice more than makes up for it. Now I think she's the most beautiful thing on earth.

You can listen to her songs on myspace or add her as a fan on Facebook. BTW, she is YUNA.

BTW, if you've listened to Kate Voegele from S05 & 06 of One Tree Hill, and you saw her album. Pls tell me, I've been meaning to get her album ever since I heard her in OTH.


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April 10, 2009


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