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Its been such a long time since I've caught up with JollyJules and Minivin. It seems like eons ago we were regularly hanging out @ mamaks or cafes.

I guess we all have our own agenda. Minivin kinda needed more time to stay at home what with his ride now in the workshop... again. JollyJules is just being a bitch. You know him... family time and shit like that. *_^ kidding. He's really up to his neck with work and I guess it can only get worse before it gets better. Maybe we can go back to regularly hanging out once he's like... 45 years old with a stable career and midlife crisis. Jules, you can only get so far in life. Yes, you will have a midlife crisis. No...... you aint getting no more blowjobs at 45, stop being such a dickwad.

I'm planning my trip to Bangkok again... It's like a bi-annually thing for me. But I doooo lurve Bangkok. The colours, the people, the TOYOTAs, Chatuchak, Suan Lom. Yummy.

p/s: The beercan is great. Sharp and wonderful Minolta colours. Now I can zoom OMFG damn nice CAN!
March 31, 2009


Samantha said…
eh syoknyer go bangkok! I haven't been to bangkok in like forever and now I'm stuck in this freaking cold place with no sandy beach and bikini WTF
Jimmy Ang said…
go Hawaii. Visit Choon Heng.


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