Monday, April 13, 2009

.facebook quiz invasion.

Anyway, Facebook is really loaded with god knows whatever freaking quizzes and they're totally dominating my Home page. I tried hiding the application one by one but each application requires individual "hides". After some time, I find it easier to hide the contact rather than the quizzes. Can't really blame me right, these annoying pricks are killing my index finger.

I won't be updating much today. I'll talk more about Songkran tomorrow k?


Update on Project 365.

Took this in Relau park. Forgot the exact name but whatever lar. I dun give a flying f*ck.

#13 Natural Colours - original image


Samantha said...

Urgh...those quizzes annoys me too...and also those ppl who kept sending me stupid application request...fxckin bitches

and orh though you don't give a flying fxck, I think that flower is called Paradise Bird or something

zeemi said...

My god, really? PARADISE fxcking BIRD? God.... awesome name.

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