the view is beautiful. i clenched my teeth and danced to the rhythm of Justin Timberlake's "Sexyback". God didn't engineer my legs and hands to dance. I know that now.

I just wished it wasn't forever immortalized in print.
January 13, 2009


Ayako said…
Did you touched up on the photo? It looks more like a painting, but a very nice one. :)
Ayako said…
zeemi, did you touched up that photo? it looks like painting, a nice one. :)
Samantha said…
hey looks really nice. where might that be?
Jimmy Ang said…
Ayako (mun2): Yeah, touch up. The colors are dull in actual / unedited version.

Samantha: Gunung Lang, Ipoh.
drdoomjr said…
bro, copyright fee, hahahaha
Jimmy Ang said…
dun be like that. i pinjam sekejap. XD


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