Dear all,

I will be on a long hiatus from blogging due to Medical reasons. I will most probably be back after CNY 31st of Jan or 1st of February. When I return from my GRS (Gender Reassignment Surgery), please refer to me as Jessica instead of Jimmy.

Also, I'm thinking of a new blogspot address to accommodate my new identity. notaboy-notyetawoman.blogspot.com seems to be a good idea.

Once I feel that my body reflects the person inside, I will utilize all my free time to fondle my breasts.

Thank you.
Jessica to be.


Tok Rimau said…
Happy new year dude. Jgn makan babi salai banyak-banyak. nanti sakit perut.
zeemi said…
Gua cuba Tok. Gua cuba. *-^
wonder what are you up to this time :p
zeemi said…
Sam: I'm 'up 2 boobs'.