Tuesday, November 18, 2008

.punched by Ironman.

We were at Pavillion, sitting at the lounge area in front of Prada and Gucci or whatever.

There was a couple sitting in front of us. Directly opposite.

We noticed them. The guy was normal, short hair, soft looking.. typical. The girl was ok, just that she had a caved in face.

After 2 minutes, SillySeng said "Eh, you see the girl in front of me"

"Yeah, why?"

"She looks like SimplySue if SimplySue was punched in the face by Ironman"

I laughed out loud. So typical of him to describe someone in the most effective way.


Anonymous said...

Tell SIllySeng I am going to give him a cave in his face when I go to Penang :)


Anonymous said...

n seriously.. **The girl was ok, just that she had a caved in face** only ok??

zeemi said...

You must be SS. Haha. Seriously, caved in face already OK... if not caved in, should be gorgeous.

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