Tuesday, November 25, 2008

.sexy banned.


Yoga declared 'haram' for Muslims
"Yoga - practices that involve physical movements, worshiping and chanting - is officially prohibited (

haram) in Islam, the National Fatwa Council declared today."

Thank god, has it not been the National Fatwa Council (NFC) I'm sure hordes of Muslims would convert to Hinduism after being enlightened by Yoga's superior poses. I mean, who wouldnt? Look at that mean back flip posture. I would definitely be enlightened. Let's look at it this way, I would also convert to Hinduism if my wife's staggering lards of infected tummy can be cured by slow motion provocative postures.

I was pretty pissed off because the NFC did not take action earlier. I mean, the consequences are already showing. Throngs of Muslims are invading temples in Batu Caves in hope of getting their ass converted. I think they failed but nevertheless, imagine having part of your ass practicing Hinduism. How cool would that be?

BTW, have you NFC members not noticed alot of young people nowadays getting their legs converted to Christianity? Just because they're young and rebellious doesn't mean you should neglect them. Go visit Bukit Bintang and have a look-see. Their legs are being demonised. Shuffling.. wtf is that?

They move their epilepsy infected legs on the roadwalk hoping to woo chicks. I wish tomorrow's news would read:

Shuffling declared 'haram' for Muslims
"Shuffle- practices that involve physical movements, epilepsy imitations and severe OCD- is officially prohibited (
) in Islam, the National Fatwa Council declared today."

Thank god for NFC, or I wouldn't be sure what would happen to wayward Muslims in this country. Glad they're here to babysit them all to the right path right?

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Tok Rimau said...

Dude, you got it half right as twisted by the media. Here's the real edict:

Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan hari ini mengharamkan umat Islam mengamalkan yoga secara sistematik, yang melibatkan unsur-unsur fizikal DAN spiritual kerana ia bertentangan dengan syariat Islam.

Pengerusinya Dato' Dr Abdul Shukor Husin bagaimanapun berkata, amalan fizikal iaitu senaman dalam yoga, TANPA adanya unsur-unsur mentera dan pemujaan pada zahirnya tidak menjadi kesalahan.

Thus, my honey can still do those acrobatic postures. Yippa!

zeemi said...

doesn't matter Tok, if they see you in a yoga class irregardless of physical or spiritual, they'll catch you... unless they come out with special Muslim Yoga classes.