.peluh Tok Rimau.

Blog ini berhenti sekejap untuk soalan penting tahun 2008.
Gua cakap Tok Rimau kontrol peluh.
Tok Rimau cakap dia manusia biasa. Berpeluh gak. Tapi peluh dia bau strawberry.
Gua musykil. Apa agaknya bau kentut dia?
p/s: just when I though Malaysian productions were getting good. Along comes Antoo Fighter to destroy all hopes I ever had.


I'm reading Turning Thirty by Mike Gayle. It seems like it wont be long before I myself would come at that turning point. Turning Thirty... I wonder how different it would be from now.

Would I have a wife and maybe a kid to call my own?
Would I have a steady multimillion dollar business?
Would I have travelled the world?
Would I be happy?

Or would I just be here, in front of this same exact PC at the same exact place with minimal pay increment.
November 12, 2008


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