.my maskara.

I'll be in KL on November the 1st for Maskara Shorties.

Maskara shorties is one of those things we feel could never be as good as foreign production. But its good, done by many great people with so much talent that they sometimes scare me.

Give them a chance, let's together-gether rock this place.

but first of all, anyone by any chance know a real easy way to go to RUMAH PENA?


it has been a rough week. troubles are brewing and work is piling endlessly.
I felt like everything just went wrong on Monday and Tuesday... and today.

Work was not done in time, deadlines were not met... somehow, it felt like university. it felt like one of those days when things go bad and turns worse. except we expect it to get better and it always does. not this time.

this time, things just kept getting worse. its like seeing a falling plate. things go slow and you somehow know you've slipped but no matter how you fling your hand trying to stop the momentum, hoping in some miracle way you could catch it before it hits the ground... you fail. and today i felt that certain helplessness.
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October 22, 2008


leen said…
Quote Jimmy: "Rumah Pena is somewhere NEAR DBP". WTF.


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