.my country.

it is with a sad heart as i watch the political proceedings of this country. we have progressed for 51 years and although I've seen our share of turmoil and tragedy, none is as disheartening as these past few months.

thinking back, I've witnessed the highlands tragedy, tsunami, reformasi during Anwar's detention, 1997 economic turmoil among the many. however, these past few months we've witnessed stones unturned. what was once hidden and damp under those stones are being shown light once again. greed and lust is empowering but the faces are being identified. we've succesfully put faces to these words. i believe with great power comes greater greed. i am no exception. i do not blame our government for such abuse of power, i blame the people for letting them be too comfortable in their seats.

the unlawful detention of a chinese reporter and MP Teresa Kok was uncalled for. it was a disgrace to Malaysia. It was a time of pure darkness when people thought all freedom and justice is being contorted. our freedom felt like it lived in small boxes donated to us out of generosity, it was a keeping, not a right. the detention of RPK was necessary for the government as they deem him as a threat. He was sharp and he spoke his mind. A double edged sword. However, no human who have not killed or planned to kill another human being should be detained with prejudice and without trial.

now, we've reached another stage of dark times. with the economic turmoil and the political uncertainty, it seems like the person who will be at helm could be another face we put "not only" to the words greed and lust but also to the word conspirator. evil at times like this flourish.
at present time of writing, he is still taking his time. press conferences are answered in dodgy manners, questions are being answered with more questions.

"What do you think/see?"
"Was there anything conclusive?"
"Was there anything pointing to abuse of power?"

Nothing is conclusive. but the people is not blind. We see you at the helm one day and we are scared. Not only because we have labeled you as all of the above but because of who we imagine will be in power and calling the shots. they say birds of a feather flock together right?

and then there is also the calling of the unwise spending of money. the sum is not HUGE or ABYSMAL but it mattered at a time when the world is dark. You seem to have no qualms pumping money out of the country at an excess than what is needed. Was it worth it? Was your greed empowering? Did you think no one would find out like all the other times? Did it feel good pocketing all those money and looking at our country fall? They say a civilized and well-mannered society starts with the family. I think it starts with a man... it starts in small components because these small components blend together to make a country. Did you put yourself before the country?

You broke our heart and although we might've misjudged you, we might've wrongly accused you... It didn't matter what we want, you are just not ready to give up all those power yet for the country. You will fight through right? You will fight tooth and nail for power.
October 15, 2008


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