.dictionary of faces.

Fuckface (adj)
1. A person with a penis for his nose and is of such hideous origin that even his mother abandoned him. Usually applied to the male gender only.
2. A facial expression utilized during sexual intercourse.
3. A person of great inconvenience to mankind and a waste of nature's resources. Generally he is an environmental pollution.

E.G. "Hey, fuckface... get out of my fucking way before I bitchslap you from here to China."

Dickhead (adj)
1. Usually denotes a bald man with elongated necks enabling him to ejaculate spit by thrusting his neck up and down.
2. A relatively unknown person who you have just met and has a great distaste towards.
3. A very ugly person.

E.G. "That dickhead just made a move on your girl mate"

Cumface (adj)
1. A very ugly and hideous person whom you have a distaste towards.
2. Usually a female person with male jizz on her face. Sometimes due to the act of Bukake.
3. A person with facial features resembling the freezing face you make when you cum.

E.G. "You were born with a cumface Ali. Its nothing to be ashamed of, we all have it. Yours is just... urm... permanent."
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October 21, 2008


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