.bulletin screw ups.

in friendster, there's this Bulletin function where ppl can post like universal bulletins. It used to be fun with numerous quizzes and trivias. Nowadays ppl just use it for useless advertisement and forwarded messages.

Yesterday I saw one of my friend post a bulletin entitled "Who created this?"
I thought it was a genuine question on some intelligent solution or some magnificent wonderful product or some shit liddat... mana tau.. it came out like this:

And because you opened it, now you have to re post this saying . Pls. come to our wedding on Oct. 18, 2008 If you don't, your mother will die in 3 days w/ a horrible sickness, but if you do the person you have will love you forever. P.S. Sorry guys, I just need to re post this as I love my mom so much & I don't need a badluck. SORRY

WTF? I was damn pissed off OK? Tak pasal pasal kena sebiji. He should have done the world justice and like... save us from the hassle by putting up.. "DO NOT OPEN" or "DANGEROUS" or something liddat. At least with that.. I couldn't blame him if I indeed did open it...

I was compelled to reply to this so that he wouldn't pollute the world with such messages in the future.

Thus I replied to his bulletin with the title "XXX is an idiot."

And here is the message. Enjoy.

I read XXX's post. Usual good luck, bad luck, your mom will die if you don't repost...wtf.
So if you don't repost this in 5.32013 seconds, XXX will have herpes and lick his dog's vagina. 1 second left. Good Luck XXX.

Lee Chong Wei wtf? T________________T

p/s: found out that the fruit mentioned here is not "pulasan". Pulasan is like a rambutan but with similar skin texture. I still want to know wat is it....
August 18, 2008


Tok Rimau said…

I left Friendster. I moved to Facebook. Friendster is for kids.
Jimmy Ang said…

Kan dah tersinggung coursemates aku.


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