Thursday, June 5, 2008

.my updates.

I'm really sorry cause i've been neglecting my blog. but i've been really pissed with pak lah for the petrol increase. who isnt? i still think its dumb and will continue to think so. and dont give me the bullshit about world oil prices increasing. it doesn't matter.

always remember that Malaysia is a country that exports OIL.

anyway, career wise, i've been recruited into a new project which involves a lot of traveling. I will bring out my grievances (especially on my petrol / mileage reimbursement) with management by Monday or Tuesday. See how things go...

also, will be having a TT this saturday at Autocity. See how things go. I might put up pics. Sometimes I just can't be bothered you know.

alrite, gtg and do my report. feeling rather sleepy. wtf.

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