Thursday, May 29, 2008

.bail me out.

It's 3 going to 4 pm.

My handphone rang.

I picked it up. "Hello?"

Minivin: Woi, minivin here. You free ah? Need your help leh?

Me: Why? What happened? (ultra busybody mode)

Minivin: I'm at Pacific eating. You know the stall in front of bla bla bla...

Me: Yeah, I know the place. Corner one which sells awesome bubble tea and choc cakes.

Minivin: Yes, that one. I kinda forgot I left my wallet in the car.

Me: Cool.

Minivin: And my car is parked far away. I need some help here.

Me: Hahahaha (smirks like a bitch).

Minivin: Come now can?

Me: Call me daddy!

Minivin: ...........

Me: Ok lar. I'll be there. Dun wan to add trauma to your episode.

See, how freaking awesome superhero friend I am. I left all my job and went on a 15 minute drive just to bail my friend out from potential life threatening embarrassment which will haunt him for a very very long time. Maybe till his midlife crisis.

But seriously, a very friendly message to all you buggers out there. Never EVARRRR purchase if you don't have bills or plastic. Somehow I have a feeling this favour will last me a very long time of guilt leverage.

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mars said...

haha...TQ man... but to see this in your blog is not far diff from the so call " potential life threatening embarrassment "

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