.annoying MMS.

There's an absurdly large amount of emails saying that they've got millions of dollars and need my account to bank in those cash so that they can gain/profit from it illegally. And in return, I get like.. certain percentages. I still remember the first time I got this msg, it was around 8 years ago. Boy, ecstatic can die wei. I thought wtf money coming in for free?

Now, its beginning to get annoying after like the 10,000th time they send these messages. It's kind of like those dumb Maxis sending you idiotic MMSes and SMSes for god knows what occasion. Their promotion is good, I mean, easy way to reach out to their customers at a very short time. Believe me, do not underestimate the power of telco.

However, I never bother cause as soon as I see the messages from Maxis, 26200 or those shitty lame ass numbers, I delete them.

However, today I've decided that enough is enough. I wrote them a reply.

"Hi Maxis, in view of your moronic stupid useless waste of money MMS/SMS advertisements which do nothing but annoy the hell out of me, I hereby advise you to fire the team who came up with this idea. Pls also fire the manager who approved this idea. In fact, fire everyone in Maxis for not having brains to identify a retarded idea like this. Kthnxbai."
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May 13, 2008


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