.so far so good.

dear readers,

sorry for not updating so long. been really freaking busy. can't really blame me for having a lousy life right? well, life's like that.. work, rest, work, rest... bitch around.

ok, so far my health is recuperating. i'm still only 50% better. but other than that, i'm working at 100% ability. work is piling like a bunch of loaded gattling gun.

my love life. i have none, so.. i can be considered single. works well for me so far. i need the time to concentrate. maybe a little while longer.

family. family is good. bro's birthday is coming up soon. other than that, everything's dull.

my personal life.... now that's something.
spent the whole saturday in Tao Lounge with minivin and jollyyeap for minivin's birthday. then on sunday, simplysue organized a farewell dinner in her house. she and her whole family is migrating to KL. maybe they'll have a luncheon in some hotel if they're migrating to another country. that'll be cool right?

tao lounge on sat night

we re-celebrated minivin's birthday in suyi's dinner party. had an awesome time but was forced.. keyword here is forced.. to leave sooner than i expected. had a friend i need to fetch in USM.

pictures might come later. :)
also, bought tons of gadgets, might post a long review soon.
among the new stuffs in my collection. levi's dark glasses, oakley wiretap silver titanium & a macbook 2.2 ghz white.
something like this.. but not exactly the same...
oakley wiretap silver titanium

macbook. my true love.
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December 3, 2007


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