.R3 Gen 2.

I was walking along the corridors of Carrefour when I spotted the awesome looking Toyota Vios 2007 edition. Then, I was browsing through the car and seats and asking around the differences between the economical and grande edition when something from Malaysia caught my eye. 

Yes, it's a Proton. No doubt, many of you lament the design of Proton and the build quality. But having a look at this beauty, doesn't kill to hope to wish that they could have improved their build quality. 

The Gen 2 special edition is available in Proton Hasfas Auto Sdn Bhd. They will be importing the R3 body kits which includes all the rear, front and side skirtings, front and back SE lights, 17 inch alloy rims for the 1.6 edition or the 15 inch alloy rims for the 1.3 edition.

Quality wise, the engine and internal structure are all the same. don't expect any difference from your factory mould Gen 2. However, for only 58k, I would say this is really not a bad bargain. 

Note! No engine modifications from R3 or no internal design modifications from R3!

Front fascia of the wonderful R3 edition

Singular line of customized user colour

15 inch alloy rims for the 1.3 edition

LED lights for the wonderful R3 edition.

To ask more or to get more info, contact Nur Anuar Ahmad Ali at 012-4275520. Located at B.M Padang Lallang. Office numbers are 5303007 or 5394010.

Preview of this vehicle is also available at Sunway Carnival Mall. They're giving a 4k discount if you purchase before 2008.


Celebrated my staff's girlfriend's birthday in Nandos yesterday. After that, headed over to watch I am Legend. Will Smith is awesome yet again... don't you just hate him for being soooo freaking good sometimes.


Have you ever had the feeling like you just ate something bad? like ... really bad?

almost as if you stuffed something into Britney's vagina and left it there to rot for 1 month before drying it out in the sun for another 3 hours before trying to mould it into an ice cream caramel look alike?

The result came out looking like a bad case of mashed potato in an earthquake striked africa... and you decided to sell it?

My friend MiniVin had a first hand experience on this foul looking, evil incarnated, pudgy tasting mashed potato.

Try it... who knows.. it might be your taste. Some people have strange peculiar taste buds.

the evil corporate identity?

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December 15, 2007


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