.one day in hat yai.

Its really quite easy to get to Thailand for cheap and spend some time shopping in Hatyai.

First of all, there's no Chatuchak Market in Hatyai, don't expect extremely ridiculous cheap stuffs. However, you can expect some cheap junk food and nice tomyam.
I woke up early in the morning and started our journey at 11.00 am. We reached the border in almost two hours. (i think only cause my bro's driving)

anyway, the border is kinda generic, you can park your car at the duty free zone and move from there. we parked our car there for a couple of bucks and took the taxi over to Hatyai. It costs RM50 per taxi. sat in an ugly smelly volvo while the others took the Honda Accord. Damn!

Anyway, the tuk tuk vans there are really a cheap bargain. Costing somewhat RM1-Rm10 per trip. RM10 is already 100 baht and believe me, not many costs that much. Try to go in a group so you can get to your place without the hassle of finding other passengers. If not, it will be more expensive.
We tried the Tom Yam, Oyster, Bird's nest, sharkfin and mango rice. The coconuts there are abundant. It's literally littered with stalls selling coconut drinks. my heaven!

anyway, its all clean cheap fun. I didn't do anything hanky panky... not even during the massage.

December 28, 2007


(",) strawberry said…
ur bro is a slow driver, huh....


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