.my take on the Macbook.

Here's a lowdown on my new Macbook. Nothing biggie about the Macbook except the design and awesome OS. I'm really warming up to the new OsX Panther. Total awesomeness. And with the new integrated Intel Pentium Core 2 Duo in the Macbook, it can boot up in Windows. This means I dont have to miss out on all the goodness in the Microsoft department.
The first thing you notice or the main reason you pay premium price for a Macbook is simple, the design. The casing is solid and the closure incorporates a magnetic strip instead of the
 usual latch by all other notebooks. I expect this design to be incorporated in other manufacturers soon because it is so much simpler and the latch is really prone to wear and tear.

Opening your first Macbook is really like having sex for the first time. The anticipation and excitement of loading it up and gearing it on. I was not talking about the sensual pleasure of the sexual process k?

Overall, the Macbook is to die for and something I never regretted getting. Although now that my company is giving me a budget for a new laptop, it kinda pisses me off cause I could've gotten the 20 inch iMac.

December 11, 2007


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