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A lot has been circulating in the blogs and in the media about the recent events of public demonstration (particularly by Hindraf).

These issues and street demonstrations have brought unrest to the society and public alike. To tell you the truth, I wouldn't and didn't give a damn about it. I don't want to think about it, don't want to know about it, don't even want to shit about it.

I'm a chinese and by no means am I supporting any parties regarding this issue. This is not because I'm a cold blooded-know nothing-don't give a fuck citizen. The fact of the matter is, not much has been revealed by the media about the root of the cause. If I hadn't done an internet search on this issue, I would've never know what the ramble is on about. Other than the fact that there were thousands of scrambled signatures to be sent to the British embassy on a piece of lousy tree bark (paper).

You see, the thing that sparked this post is the headlines today. Terror links. It seems the government is suspecting terrorism by the Hindraf group. Also, previously I've read about the possible ISA act against the Hindraf rally supporters.

These media reports are all events that scare the public and caution them against the Hindraf group. We're all warned against and told to stay away from the evil entity that is Hindraf. I mean, their allegations today are debatable at best..

KUALA LUMPUR: There are signs lately that the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) is trying to garner support from terrorist groups, the police charged yesterday.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan said Hindraf has also set up a fund by misleading the public into believing that the money is to finance its activities.

With the abundant police force and the importance of this issue stressed by the PM as well as the attention given by the world on this issue (now this issue is minute and the Omaha shooting case takes precedence)... this is all they can find connecting Hindraf and terrorism? If the media or the police has allegations that the public fund is misused, pls tell us how the fuck they are being misused.

Take this from me, I am no supporter of Hindraf. I think the illegal assembly is laughable at best. If they've collected as many signatures as they've claimed they did... Why can't they just send one fucking person to send the stupid letter? Why do they have to make such a big hoohah out of it by having "PEACEFUL" street demonstrations to send one fucking letter? In show of support? Fuck it, they have the signatures to show support.

I don't want this issue to prolong as much as it has. I'm really getting sick of it in the newspaper. Hell, I would've gladly read "PARIS HILTON SHOWS OFF HER PANTIES" than this issue.

Pls bring out the root of the issue, the original letter sent to the British embassy signed by so many almighty supporters and put it on the frontpage, the public will thank you for it.

Then if it is as the ministers said.. invalid accusations, explain it, deny it with proof and let this issue REST forever or forever help us GOD cause PARIS might just do it.
December 7, 2007


Tok Rimau said…
Despite comments that Pak Lah has no balls to use ISA, I am all for Pak Lah.

He got the mother of all balls. He choose to use the court to settle things. He got balls! That's man enough for me.

The day he uses ISA is the day he losses his balls. I'll vote for Paris by then.
Jimmy Ang said…
I totally agree, using the court is the braver of both actions.

Even if Pak Lah doesn't use the ISA, I'll still vote for Paris just because... just because.



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