.one word trivia.


Not as easy as you might think.

o Where is your cell phone ?
o Panthole

o Your boyfriend/girlfriend?
o Everywhere

o Your hair?
o Longgggg

o Work?
o Suckssss?

o Your father?
o Dead

o Your favorite thing?
o Alcohol

o Your dream last night?
o None

o Your favorite drink?
o Alcohol

o Your dream car?
o Porsche

o The room you're in?
o Ugly

o Your pet?
o Dog

o Your fears?
o Bored

o What do you want to be in 10 years?
o Rich

o Where did you hang out last night?
o Glo’

o What you're not good at?
o Lickgina

o Eyebrow rings on the opposite sex?
o Hot

o One of your wish list items?
o MoneyUnlimited.COM

o Where you grew up?
o Penang

o The last thing you did?
o Sleep

o What are you wearing?
o Glasses

o What arent you wearing?
o Everything

o The website youtube.com
o Roxxor

o Your computer?
o None

o Your life?
o FullOfShit.COM.MY

o Your mood?
o Drowsy

o Missing?
o Party

o What are you thinking about right now?
o Gwen

o Your car?
o Busted

o Your work?
o Tiring

o Your summer?

o Your relationship status?
o Open

o Your favorite color?
o Monochromatic

o When is the last time you laughed?
o Morning (3 am)

o Last time you cried?
o Forgot

o School?
o Rocks

o University?
o Rocks

o Me? (2 Words)
o Almost Alcoholic
o Almost Asleep
o Almost Dead
o Almost….
daily dose
August 19, 2007


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