.daily dose?

its almost 12. i lay down on my bed looking at the ceiling. the fans are not moving. probably because it was just there for display. the white lemon coloured ceiling are not an eye candy but still, i can't take my eyes off it.

just half an hour ago, i was struggling in the laboratory figuring out how to host my website and connecting through ASP. was doing it for a few hours and still figuring it out.

i can't just lie down and sleep with those as my last actions. life's much more than that.

i turned over to the other side and flicked on my table lamp. the yellow illuminating light glows to a distance, enough for me but not quiet glaring as the white luminous light above. i figured the table lamp is more than enough for my reading. i took up the Deathly Hallows and continued where i left.

its getting exciting but my eyes are getting tired. the weight of my eyelids are becoming heavier. i strive to maintain a slight opening but soon i will realize it is futile, the power of the brain is sometimes much more than the power of the will.

i woke up at 7.30 and reset the alarm at 8.00. woke up at 8 again and took my morning bath.

i hope this will not be my routine activity from now on. if it is, i'm pretty fucked up.
August 28, 2007


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