.blackmailed marriage.

i don't really know how to face her anymore. i don't know how to talk with her anymore. all my efforts to stop her from doing an act of such foolish proportions seemed futile.

she called me the other day, she said she's going to get married to the guy which she fell in love a long time ago. I am supposed to feel happy for her, instead.. i think i feel nothing but sorry.

She could've loved herself more but she chose such a dark road down her life.

She's blackmailing her BF to marry her (threatening to tell his parents, fake pregnancy, pictures and all). I don't know how she's going to live with the guy who stopped loving her and was with another girl. I don't know how a relationship is supposed to move on after such an act. But she seems determined.

He told her "Is this what you want? Is this the life that you want to live?"

She said "I just want you to be responsible for what you've done to me."

Something inside me aches for her. She should love herself more than this. She should cherish her life.. the rest of it... more than this.

He doesn't deserve her. But I can see she's blinded by love.

I can only stand and watch a catastrophe in the making. And wish the bright light after it will shine through the rubbles of destruction she brought onto herself.

The repairs will take a long time. But i hope it will be better than how it started.

I wish you all the best girl.
fuck ups
August 13, 2007


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