.World Music Festival - Penang.

The first transfusion of tribal and modern music with dance. The first world music festival brought over to West Malaysia from East Malaysia's Rainforest World Music Festival.

An event taking place on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday on 20th, 21st and 22nd in Tmn Botanical, Penang.

All three days, it rained. It rained moderately, enough to make you wet from head to toe but not enough to get you off the atmosphere in the arena.

I only participated on the last day, Sunday. but that one day was enough to convince me that the first two days should be good. maybe it was because of the company, maybe it was because of the rain... maybe it was because of the performers, I don't know... but it was wild and one of the most amusing things i've ever done. not to mention the dirtiest.

I reached there around 8 on a dark raining sunday. wasted a couple of bucks buying umbrellas from the viccinity. I couldn't even imagine how it could be good with the rain and all.

the ticket was 40 dollars and when i reached the arena, i thought it was gonna be the worst 40 dollars i've ever spent.

but my friend insisted we stay. she hollered over to the front and stayed there under the moon with the boring performers and the boring crowd.

i was with a couple of friends enjoying the stage from a far. one hand with an umbrella, the other trying to keep ourselves warm from the cold water pouring over our head.

but the next band from Africa proved to be good. the first thing that got my mood in was the fact that he said "Rain is a blessing, rain is good. We are blessed"

And I knew right there and then that I'm looking at the glass half empty.

A few others joined in the dirt and the water and started dancing.
I was dancing along with a dozen others before the end of the hour and half an hour later, my leg and shoes.. socks, were all soaked, soggy with mud.

It took me another half an hour to convince my friends that soaking your legs and jeans in the water is good fun. and another half an hour to convince another person that it's ok to be without an umbrella and dancing in the rain.

we were all soaked wet within the next hour and a couple of dozen more were ecstatic and dancing. too bad there were no alcohol at the venue. but the guy dancing there told me there are some black market beers, we just have to push the right button with the right password, which he told me... *-^

but i figured what the heck... i'm drunk enough anyway without the beer.

by the end of the day, we're all soaked wet and dirty.

but it was nice clean fun....
or u could call it dirty fun.

definitely a 9/10 if you're a dance freak and party freak. the rain just added the fun factor by another 10+.

however, if you're just in it to listen to the music, you might rate it with a 6/10.

if you're just there to see new stuff... fxck off.

p/s: couldn't camwhore cause it was freaking RAINING and DARK like hell. All my pictures turned out dark.

coming again to PNG next year. Don't forget it. Bring your raincoat and your party mood.

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in the meantime, enjoy this advert i found on the net. as much as i love digi, gotta salute the person who came up with this video. haha.

July 23, 2007


jamie im at the fest too please check my post with some foto's

p/s ignore the politics posting
Jimmy Ang said…
the name's Jimmy. haha, but it's ok.

anyway, thanks for sharing some of your photos.
these are photos for the festival on friday. :)

direct link: http://sangkut2.blogspot.com/2007/07/world-music-festival-penang.html


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