Wednesday, July 4, 2007


I'll be on leave from my blog until Sunday.
i'll be in KL until Sunday.

Be back on Monday.

Miss ya all!


I can't sleep yesterday. It took me a long time and I was wriggling in my bed all the while. The sound of the air conditioner creaking every 5 seconds is not the only reason but it did bug me.

I don't know why I can't sleep but I was definitely feeling very sleepy. I had yawns every now and then, even now when I'm writing this post.

I decided that since I can't sleep, I should take a book and read it again. It doesn't really matter if I've read it but I just want something to occupy my brain and make me less aware of the surrounding noise.

I took out my favourite book in the stack, I have a soft spot for Tony Parsons, they seem to be really good.

I yanked out my Man and Boy edition. It is still wrapped up, thanks to LittlePeng.

I read a couple of pages and remembered that I had a sucky 24th birthday.

This guy in the book had it worse than me.
He celebrated his 30th birthday by getting a quickie with his company secretary, getting dumped by his wife, almost losing his job, and losing his family.

After knowing that, I closed the book and slept soundly.

Thank god for screwed up lives. I know they weren't real... but now I know I haven't had it half as bad as some people out there.


nlipeng said...

hey jeemee.....
sorry i didn't selebrated your bday with you leh....
feel bad~~~~~~
anyway...long time no see u ade leh.....
kinda miss hanging out leh....
take care pal....

Julia said...

I like Tony Parsons' works too -- especially The Family Way.

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