.two facts, one false another true.

name two facts about yourself. one is true, the other is not.

me : first fact, i represent my school in taekwondo. second fact, i was a teacher.

trainer : who believes jimmy was a teacher raise up their hand.

*no motion + silence*

trainer : guess you don't have the face of a teacher.

another 22 year old fella.

: first fact, i'm a virgin (at this point, need i remind you ppl that i just exploded laughing). second fact, i represent my college in football last year.

nobody believed he was a virgin. to which at one point... he proudly remarked his sex status.

don't you just love this guy.
daily dose
March 26, 2007


Anonymous said…
virgins over 18 still exist? :)
just kidding..save it for yr wedding day(smug smile)
Jimmy Ang said…
virgins below 18 exist?

when did u lose it beng2?


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