.things i've learnt.

you know, since i've had this disgusting growth on the sole of my feet, my personal social life has gone from dim to zilch.

and i've had a couple of revelations these few days. let me share some with you.

sales engineers can sleep like a fucking pig during office hours.

i can have the shortest relationship but i won't mind it. just as long as she's happy now.

i can jump a lot. for a long long time.

i have friends that care for me. who call me at 11.00pm and tells me about something she knows regarding my... infection.

i still have friends who'd call me to go out and eat laksa.

i will cringe like a baby elephant when the doctor pokes some foreign object into my wound.

i can listen to a song on replay for a few hours and still love that song.

i'm a bit emotional and i hate being alone. i need friends around me, anytime... everytime.

i lost a friend because she's too big for misunderstandings. i believe she's taking it too personal and i wish things were different but it weren't. we just have to live with the mistakes. it's how we deal with it who make up who we are.

i can talk on the phone for a long time. cause she's at the other end. it connects two. i love phones.

i can still drive with my toe.

my mom loves me soooo much she went out and bought tvb series for me. which she continues to plunder in front of the tv and i haven't watched a single episode of it.

i miss my legs more when i lost it. the simple things like being able to go out and buy food makes me miserable.

"confession of pain" is a nice show.

i need to pray more, eat more and sleep more, sleeping is da real bomb!

so, what have you learnt in one week?
daily dose
March 3, 2007


leenmafia said…
Oo...get well soon! As for me, I learnt that I should take life slower goes everything seems to go at a really fast pace until I lost sight of why I'm here in the first place.
Anonymous said…
u've had the shortest relationship ? it's over ?

u really lost that fren? seriously?

gosh, u really had a rough week..

anyway, hope ur feet is ok soon.. then u can kick some ass again.. haha



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