.raid my room?

room raider!

see what you can tell about me by my room. i know it's a bit dirty but hey, it's me!

my bedroom. with my side desk and my cupboard on both sides.

this is how it looks like once you enter through the door.

panoramic view. *-^

my bed. quilt cover and bed sheet from ikea. book and toy display rack from ikea.

i don't have much collection on books but it's growing. :)

the smallest cinema in the world.

my cupboard content. nothing much. i packed most of the stuff into the suitcase for tonight's trip.

the contents in the desk drawer.

the corner.

i plan to make this place more.... filled. but for now, it's still an empty space.


Bengbeng said…
it is a nice room :)
budokid said…
neat & tidy for a guy, if u c my room, u'd faint
p3i ch3n said…
u really is an Ikea supporter... But, ur room really looks comfortable...:D
leenmafia said…
You just moved in or what? Looks too neat to be you. Heh.
ecot said…
i agree with leen
J!MMY said…
beng beng : thanks.

budokid : thanks.

pei chen : only some accessories are from ikea k? but i agree with u on the comfy part.

leen : wtf? hey, i'm not that neat but i'm not that dirty too! it's not new. been living here for like... 2 years and a half. and i swear i din clean it just for these lousy pics.

ecot : u broke my heart.
Bengbeng said…
mayb the next time i buy a house i send u the floor plans and see what u suggest for interior deco..u seem to have a taste for style.
J!MMY said…
I can only envision the deco if i see the place.

besides, i charge by the minute.

sparris said…
Just for the heck of it, my impressions, stream-of-consciousness-style:

*need for control
*yet romantic
*appreciates order and beauty
*might be a Libra
*you see your room as your sanctuary
*hiding a passionate nature beneath strong self-control
*possibly violent if angered

Yes I know this is totally random and most likely wrong, I was just playing therapist. :)

Found your blog some time ago just googling something up...and I've looked in from time to time. :)
J!MMY said…
hey sparris. welcome.

i think you got everything almost spot on.. except the being a Libra part.

I'm a Cancerian.

wow.... you gotta teach me these tricks sometime.
Beng2 said…
charge by the minute, aiyo..who can afford yr interior decorating business, tutup kedailah hahahahhaahahah