.Malaysia is my career choice.

there's a reason why Malaysia and the government sector per se is losing credibility as a reliable career choice.

first, in order to contain the talent pool in Malaysia... the government definitely needs to change this mindset of Malaysians' Share of Wealth. I'm not saying who gets the bigger cut but we all already know that. While we are arguing about division of wealth, a core element in Malaysia is diminishing, which is getting wealth into the country.

no doubt the price might seem high to pay but in order to keep the really talented in the Malaysian government and continue working to help Malaysians in general, we should not let the talented be led by promises of lucrative deals elsewhere. True, we shouldn't let money decide their career choice but let's at least take money out of the equation when considering a career choice between a government working sector and private working sector.

Malaysia has gone a long way since independence and our oil reserve and natural resources is a good source of income... but there comes a time when all of this will be written in the past tense. Such a time is not long I believe.. with the current demand for oil and natural resources in Malaysia, it is diminishing fast, it might end in the era of our grandchildren or our great grandchildren.

What then?
Should we rely on our Malaysia, Truly Asia motto and go full force in the tourism industry?
It does not take a genius to figure out that our tourism industry is without it's pros and cons. The current natural attractions are getting raped by conglomerates for provision of wealth to the board of directors and shareholders.
And the more modern star attractions are taking up too much of our reserves.. take for example.. our pride, the Petronas Twin Tower... It doesn't take a genius to count the years that we need before recouping the amount used to build such a gargantuan structure.

While Malaysian government is busy with toilet beautification and sending astronauts to space through a foreign space craft, it isn't bothered with innovations and research.

what was spent in the toilet beautification program could be put to good use by researching and designing auto-cleaning solutions for toilets and also changing the mindset of Malaysians. What other countries utilize for free, we beautify it, enhance it, interior design it... and charge a monstrous amount for entry, and Malaysians are applauding and paying for such services with a smile on their face.

I guess what I'm trying to say here is that these are mismanagements. A good country should have capable, innovative and hardworking workers. And it doesn't take a genius to deduct that workers who work hard and smart, should be paid, treated with respect and appreciated.

A well managed government is a well managed country.
A well managed country is a developed country.

p/s: I'm a person with an opinion and my opinion do not reflect the publics' in general.
March 28, 2007


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