.friday mood is good.

yay! tomorrow is Friday...

which means last day of the week before the 3 days holidays.
double YAY!

which also means i get to wear jeans to work...
and sneakers too but i've been wearing sneakers ever since the second day..
so that doesn't count.

rules schmules.
who cares?

i think what matters most is comfort. a good company should not restrict productivity by enforcing stupid dressing codes. unless we're required to meet clients.

which we don't.

so... all the best ya all.

btw, who wants to go to Hitz.FM 10th Birthday Bash in One Utama?
March 29, 2007


Anonymous said…
i get to wear jeans to work everyday... ngek ngek

Jimmy Ang said…
leen : my sentiments exactly.

yh : show off..... :P
Samantha said…
i wnna go the HItz.fm bday bash!!!!!!! T.T sobsob i'm nt around...hope u hav fun...n tell me all bout it when i'm back


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