.Freedom Film Fest.

This year marks the 50th year of Malaysian Independence. I'm sure those who've aged would've told us a lot of stories regarding pre-war and post-war stories. The truth of the matter is, I hardly know anyone who has ever told me any stories regarding those war-era.

But what I do know is that we've come a long way since then. Malaysia has grown a lot. From a normal piece of cloth, we call the "flag"... our ex-PM has marketed it as "Jalur Gemilang" and from Malaysia.. we have "Malaysia Boleh". Marketing in our government department is working... albeit sometimes it backfires cause i've heard people say "Malaysia Boleh..KAH?" or "Malaysia Boleh BLAH".

Every independent day, our television will be loaded with touching commercials from the creative brains of advertising firms.

However, haven't we ever wondered what we ourselves can do... what we can depict and what our young mind can come up with.

To those aspiring young directors or script writers or creative brains, here's where your point is. this point could be the point of change for your career.

Freedom Film Fest 2007 (logo at top right corner of this blog) carries the theme of “50th Merdeka: The Untold Human Rights Stories”. Komas would like to unearth stories focusing on human rights situations especially in the light of the last 50 years of Malaysia’s Independence. The FFF2007 is providing a venue and forum for you to share your stories through the film medium.
The theme couldn't be more simpler... HUMAN RIGHTS. Malaysia deals with a lot of issue there.

Read more about the competition guideline HERE.

Official Website.

p/s: Oh, and BMW shorties is having a blast. My lecturer submitted his entry entitled KIRI.
March 9, 2007


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