.farting embarassing.

you know what embarrassing is?

some people think that farting is embarrassing. especially if you're surrounded by friends in a quiet environment.

imagine farting out aloud during a class assembly... or during a meeting.
god forbid, you'd never hear the end of it.

the internal combustion of vile gas excreting from that molecular sized hole creating a friction which emanates a certain exploding sound.

kinda cool if you look at it scientifically. but a fart is still a fart. a vile smell excreted from the place where you let shit out.

but what irks me the most... is the evil soundless secretion of vile gas. and the pungent smell.. the glory of the fella who excreted it.

with a mask on his face.. he hides his smirk.

and when everyone runs away from the spot... the evil dude follow suit and act nonchalant... trying to blend in with the crowd.

that devil in disguise... that bastard son of a female dog.

that my friend, is the most embarrassing friend you can ever have... especially if he denies it and points a finger to you.. the one beside him.

p/s: this didn't happen to me.. but it got me thinking in the lift that day. cause someone let out a bomb and refused to admit. but come to think of it... even i wouldn't. cause it had traces of onion, rotten eggs and durian.
March 25, 2007


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