.damn blur.

damn blur now.

in a transition mood. sometimes feel like high up the sky.. sometimes feel like down in the dirt.

feel a bit like on drugs only?

anyway, i'm thinking of posting a pic of my room and then seeing whether you can readers can guess who i am or what type of person i am through my room condition. kinda cute after i saw some comments in the star today. wanna see?

my grandma's coming to my house and she'll be occupying my whole room. in this duration, i'll be like... sleeping on the floor in my mom's room.

which is not comfy okay? feel like want to die of cold when i sleep halfway time. whatever will happen to my nightly movie marathons? OMFG.. will i forsake them?

anyway, i'm also thinking of taking out that 1337 Altec Lansing speaker out of the dusty box and assembling it in my room. I love music... and lately... I haven't had enough of them.

my current favs are The Rascal Flatts' "What Hurts The Most" and Samson's "Kenangan Terindah".

Wanna leave the house for a while. Can die when my grandma is here. I mean, she's ok and all but she speaks a very heavy accent of Teo Chew and whenever I dun understand.. i'd go "huh, yeah... yes, uhuh..yeah...yes, ok."

something like that cause i hate to say "WTF?" to her.

she wouldn't understand it but it'd still be rude right?

and i'm polite k? contrary to popular belief. and a bit sentimental.

just lying about the latter part.... maybe not.

talk about my day at Sega Fredo yesterday another time k? it was... eventful to say the least.
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March 10, 2007


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