Thursday, March 22, 2007

.backpacking hippie.

me : hey, let's go out for lunch.
minivin : i thought you were still in KL?
me : well, i told you i'd be back yesterday night and we can go out tonight.
minivin : oh, i'm going out with my colleague now.
me : sucks to be you.
minivin : when are you leaving again?
me : ..........


can die ok?
i'm not a backpacking hippie.
my new job starts next week.
wish me luck guys.


fuck opportunities

how can I possibly go for an interview if it's only the second day i'm starting work?
how the fuck am i supposed to pull it off?
tell me, teach me... enlighten me.


Bengbeng said...

did u go for the interview? how did it go?

J!MMY said...

the interview is in the future. but like i said, it's on the second day after i start my new job.

doubt i'll be going...

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