.today in my life.

work load is increasing these few days. i kinda like it in a way.

am i the go get them, cannot sit tight, die die also must move kinda guy?

dunno. sometimes i like lazying around in the house too. heck, most of the times i enjoy the company of my bed, my quilt and my television (with dvd player).

Somehow, 10th of February seem like a long time to wait. ;)


oh, yeah.. yesterday i took baby up to my room and left her there while i went to bathe. after my night bath, i stepped out of the bathroom to the smell of shit.

yes, she shitted in my room. which resulted in baby getting her ass kicked. for a while.

then i can't stand her "cute cute look at me i can die" face, so i decided to sayang her back.

i know, i'm gonna make a lousy disciplinarian.
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January 15, 2007


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